Patrick Collins :  Comedian and MC.


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Go and see this show. It’s hilarious, it’s transformative, it’s nonsensical. It borders on alchemy.’ *****

 Funny Tonne

Patrick Collins and the Really Funny Kids Show was a super fun kids show.
The quality of the magic even mesmerised the parents!

Jo Quirk @jokework
Jo Quirk

Very competent MC and kind of cute……

Leonie Conroy Giles 
Leonie Conroy Giles

Masterfully witty and commanding

 Stage Whispers

Great time at bingo with Patrick as MC!
Very funny guy!!

James Christou 
James Christou

This guy is one of those festival secrets that you’re going to want to know about!
If you like stand-up, sketch or exceptionally good quality magic, then you’ll enjoy having your mind blown at this show.

Jo Quirk @jokework
Jo Quirk

Laughed so much that I’m genuinely embarrassed

 Sometimes Melbourne

This man is phenomenal, love his work, love seeing his face.
He puts a lot of energy into all of his shows and always leaves me wanting more

Declan Murphy 
Declan Murphy

Entertained by every moment!

 Tay Around Town

Pure unadulterated energy… delighted at every turn

 Good Vibes Melbourne